Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heres page #1 ! "Mya's First Pet"

Ok as promised here is the first of many layout pics to come. This one is of my daughter Mya and her first pet " She named him that bc she said he is the color of an icey she had lol We wanted something easy and I asked the man at the pet store what was a fish that was hard to accidentally kill and so he suggested a beta fish and here he is! Anyway for this one I used create a critter and cut the fish bowl out at 11 in as i wanted it to be pretty big and cut the fish at 5 inches to fit in center along with the sea grass and embossed everything. Keep ur eyes out for #2       ~ Melissa

                                   this is my daughter Mya .. Youll be seeing alot of her lol
                                I also used stickles to jazz up the cricut cuts

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