Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini made for my husbands grandmother with matching gift bag

Heres the mini I made out of recycled envelopes!
                                  Here it is all wrapped up! I used an "Oldie" cartridge for the bag and gift tag.           

                                        Tags bags boxes and more . This was the first bag in the handbook.
Heres the front cover of the mini

sorry this is sideways but here is a shot showing the tree charm on the side of  the book.

Hi Guys!!! Hope all is well .You will probably be seeing an abundance of new posts and videos on my youtube channel hearts1217. Ive been busy workin in my craft room! To see my videos just click the link on the top right side of my blog. Im going to be adding a new card idea video series very soon:) Have a great night!  ~Mel

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