Sunday, April 17, 2011

Favors I made for baby shower

 Made 4 batches of brownies. Needed sixty individual brownies
 Individually bagged each one after sprinkling them all with a lil blue dusting sugar (my bfs having a lil boy) Bought a 100 pack of cello bags from the baking section at Joanns then tied em all up with ribbon and curled each one

 Made a few different variations with stamps and cuts from the cricut. This lil boy above was cut from the a childs year cartridge. below was a stamp from michaels.
Diapers were cut out using a printable template. Each 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of cardstock yeilds 2 diapers
 Got them all ready on a plate cutting them small enough to fit their cello bag
 This is what I used to sprinkle the blue on

 My lil daughter was a big help. Shes four and was so happy to hand me each bag and ribbon!
 Stamped each one with my created by  melissa stamp on the inside of each one
I made these boxes to hold all the favors and made the bows on the front  . Used the same ribbon to match her diaper cake. I actually made a video on this trying to explain this better but Im having problems getting it to post from my flip so figured this would be best for now till I figure this out :)

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